Muslin Facial Cloth

Muslin Facial Cloth

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These muslin cloths are beautifully handmade in Dorset using 100% unbleached muslin. The lightweight cotton dries quickly and gets softer with every wash - suitable for even sensitive skin. Gently removes dirt and make-up whilst stimulating circulation to help improve skin tone and texture. 

 Use as part of your daily skin ritual to remove cleanser whilst gently exfoliating your skin to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.

 When you're ready for a new one, throw it in your compost to to dispose of or repurpose in the kitchen, as a surface cloth or duster, it's up to you!

Made from light, breathable 100% unbleached cotton. Edged with 100% cotton thread to prevent fraying. 


Muslins are approx - 30m diameter (round).